Who’s doing what with your data? Information governance in a digital world

Data such as personal information has become one of the greatest drivers of economic activity in the modern world. Data is the oil of the fourth industrial revolution and in future, data will drive economic prosperity, sustainability and well-being. Yet, the commodification of data has raised regulatory and governance challenges for societies across the world.

Information governance professionals are stepping up to the challenge of navigating the laws and regulations that govern how those within our society interface with personal data.

The new programmes in Information Governance at the University of Auckland will prepare students for careers in fields related to the governance of data and personal information. Taught by experts in the fields of data privacy, information ethics, blockchain and ledger technologies, cybersecurity techniques and regulation, artificial intelligence regulation, and dispute resolution techniques, the programmes will equip students to be leaders in key areas vital to the data economy.

This symposium celebrates the launch of the new programmes and highlights current issues in information governance. It is both an opportunity for critical debate and industry engagement and to inspire and inform prospective students of the new exciting study options.