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We help to protect New Zealanders’ privacy rights, through research and education. We highlight privacy risks in all forms of law, technology and practice, and campaign for practical and fair solutions.

The data protection and privacy field is now a major issue of human rights and consumer rights, and has many legal, technology, business and government elements. With a platform of developing technology and growing databases, use and sharing of our personal information has become the norm in big business and big government. There are many positive aspects to information technology developments, but these have often crowded out necessary care with people’s information and privacy rights.

Privacy and data protection regulation is a constantly developing field. Aotearoa New Zealand’s first Privacy Act was enacted in 1993 and most recently revised in 2020. It forms a base privacy regulation for the public and private sectors. However, its application may be changed by other legislation or by a code of practice issued by the Privacy Commissioner. The Privacy Act is also a basis for a number of information sharing mechanisms such as Approved Information Sharing Arrangements between public agencies. The currently proposed legislative reforms look at establishing a Consumer Data Right and obligations to inform individuals when their personal information is collected indirectly (from a third party).

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We are the only not for profit privacy-specific voluntary organization in New Zealand and rely on the efforts of volunteers and donors. We need support from individuals from all walks of society including business, government, education and health because privacy affects everyone.