Privacy Week 2023

Online webinar / recording

The Privacy Foundation has taken an active part in the Privacy Week 2023 organised by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

We have delivered two webinars. Their recordings are available through the links below.

Privacy in the wake of Large Language Models

In this session, Marcin Betkier and Annette Mills discussed the impact of Large Language Models (LLMs), like ChatGPT, on privacy. They addressed questions like: How is our privacy affected by the uptake of LLMs? What are the privacy risks for individuals, communities and organisations? Also, as Artificial Intelligence could be a weapon and a tool, what regulators, organisations and individuals could do to mitigate privacy risks?

Profiling, AI driven decision making and the privacy concerns of Kiwis

In this webinar, Annette Mills and Nidhi Tewari shared insights from a study into New Zealanders’ privacy concerns in the context of digital profiling and AI-driven decision-making.

They addressed questions like: What are the key privacy concerns raised by digital profiling and AI-driven decision-making, and what protective actions that individuals may take to reduce privacy risks? Does trust in the organisation drive (or reduce) privacy concerns? What can organisations and privacy authorities do to mitigate these concerns?

You could find all the recordings of the Privacy Week 2023 webinars here.