Cyber-Smart week

Boost your privacy during Cyber-Smart week – and help others do the same!

Privacy and security have a lot in common – after all, it’s hard to protect privacy if people’s information isn’t stored and used securely.

So, the Privacy Foundation is teaming up with CERT as part of Cyber-Smart Week (14-18 October). And we’re asking for the help of all our members to promote some tips that will help people to protect their own information from loss or theft.

What you can do

1. As members of the Foundation, you’re already privacy aware! But it’s still worth checking you’re doing the basics right. So how about taking one simple step every day in Cyber-Smart week to make sure you’re protecting your own privacy better?

For example:

  • Monday: Set up a password manager
  • Tuesday: Turn on 2 factor authentication on at least one account
  • Wednesday: Check all your devices are updated
  • Thursday: Clean up your online accounts – check your privacy settings and ditch accounts, groups or contacts that aren’t relevant any more
  • Friday: Report a scam email or phone call.

If you need more information about what to do, have a look at CERT’s website (

2. If you’ve already got those listed options covered, the CERT website has plenty of other ideas – drill down into each topic area and see what you can find.

3. For those of you who are experts in an area, share your own tips both with us and with others. We’d love to hear your ideas.

4. Spread the word! Talk to your family, friends and colleagues about what you’re doing, and retweet our Cyber-Smart week messages (@PrivacyFdn_NZ). Follow CERT too and watch out for messages from other Cyber-Smart week partners.