Patient Privacy & Information Sharing: this presentation was given by Paul Holmes, on behalf of the Privacy Foundation, at the Medico-Legal Congress 2021 held in Wellington on 26th and 27th July.

Paul is a member of the Privacy Foundation and Managing Director of INFO by Design.

The topic for the presentation was:

Patient Privacy and Information Sharing 

The presentation was developed in collaboration with the Privacy Foundation’s Health Care and Policy Working Group.

Māori Data Sovereignty: Aotearoa’s contribution to global data privacy?:
Privacy Foundation committee member, Gehan Gunasekara, gave this presentation, which examines Māori Data Sovereignty from the standpoint of data privacy. The presentation was held at the University of Auckland’s Sir Owen G Glenn Building on 10 May 2022. Please see the link above to view a recording of the presentation and for details about the topics covered.