Privacy Week 2024

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Privacy Week is a week full of privacy events coordinated and/or prepared by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

The Privacy Foundation is actively participating in three key seminars:

Tuesday, 14 May, 12 pm: “Biometrics and You” with Dr Marcin Betkier and AProf Gehan Gunasekara
Wednesday, 15 May, 10:45 am: “Safeguarding Children and Young People’s Privacy in New Zealand” with Prof. Annette Mills and Rebecca Hawkins
Friday, 17 May, 12 pm: “Data Privacy: Protecting Children in the Digital Age” with Prof. Annette Mills and Rebecca Hawkins

Besides that, on Friday 17 you can also find two presentations of the Foundation members:

Friday, 17 May, 9 am : “Sharenting, Children and Privacy – The fine line between ‘cute’ and ‘concerning’” with Prof. Annette Mills, University of Canterbury (again!)

Friday, 17 May, 2 pm: “My DNA will only be used in this way – busting privacy myths about DNA” with Dr Andelka M. Phillips, Ghent University (Belgium)

Join us during those events or watch the recordings!

The website of the event.

The recordings of the event presentations.